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A monthly Membership that delivers a proven strategy, Next-Generation software AND expert support to fast-track conversions from your content
The OLD way of content creation & marketing
  • Dead-end Content: Publishing consistently but plagued with doubt on its effectiveness.
  • ​Vanity Metric Trap: Excited about impressions and engagement, but no real leads or sales.
  • ​Scattered Approach: Trying to be everywhere with no strategy and limited bandwidth.
  • ​Unrealized Potential: Quality content deserves a bigger audience, but feeling stuck on reaching new ones.
  • Piecemeal AI usage: Trying to adopt AI for efficiency and scale, but wasting MORE time (and emotion) wrangling in generic and ineffective outputs.
It's time to break up with the old way, escape the content hamster wheel and embrace the intelligently-lazy way! 

Say hello to a fresh, proven strategy that will transform your content into a powerful client acquisition engine.
The NEW (and better) way to create and market your content
  • Create content that sells: Outcome-based strategy to resonate with paying clients, not freebie-seekers  
  • The Honey Trap Method: A repeatable system to attract, nurture, and convert your audience into clients  
  • Simplify social media: Post less, grow more with just 4 posts to turn followers into buyers
  • Evergreen content repurposing: Multi-platform reach without overwhelm, using a strategic blueprint and tools
  • ​​AI that learns automatically: So that you can get the speed benefits of AI without sacrificing quality 

Get your entire Social Media Content Conversion Strategy & System with Capsho Club!

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Join as a Founding Member at the Special Price of Just $497 $99 / month
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Capsho Club is designed to create success using a holistic approach through the 3 pillars of: Strategy, Software, and Support

🧠 The Strategy  

Your Client Acquisition Game Plan

Get detailed training on how to get clients from your content: 
🍯 The Honey Trap Method - set up your content ecosystem to convert clients
📈 The 4-post Social Media Strategy - get next-level engagement while posting less
💰 The $50k in 30 days Workshop - strategically craft content that makes 5 figures 
🦸 The Content Superpower Quiz - discover your unique content marketing edge  

🤖 The Software

Your AI-powered Marketing Assistant

Be the first to access Capsho NextGen Beta - a self-learning AI-powered software that creates social media content designed to get you clients.

Get marketing assets for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in under 10 minutes (with YouTube coming soon!)

Capsho NextGen is currently in Beta so you'll get all the future features at the lowest price ever!

👯‍♂️ The Support

Your Path to Success for Implementation

✅ Weekly live coaching sessions with Capsho Co-Founders Deirdre & Bona
✅ Personalized guidance on strategy implementation and maximizing Capsho NextGen
✅ Collaborate and network with a community of driven entrepreneurs


At $388 value, this quarterly event from our friends at PodMatch will help you level up your podcasting game as a host or guest.


Check out what Capsho NextGen & Capsho Club is all about 👇 
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Become a Founding Member at the Special Price of Just $497 $99 / month. Cancel Anytime.

Hi! I'm Deirdre Tshien! 

I am the Strategic Brain behind Capsho Club and the creator of the Honey Trap Method.

I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Capsho, an AI-powered content marketer that will become your new favorite Marketing Assistant. 

I also host the podcast Win the Content Game and am the author of Honey Trap Marketing. 
I have successfully grown multiple businesses to 6 & 7 figures, and now help coaches, consultants and service providers to grow their audience and income using the Honey Trap Method.
I'm excited to see you inside Capsho Club and guide you on how to use the Honey Trap Method and Capsho to start getting more clients from your content!   

 Got questions about Capsho Club? We've got answers!

Am I signing up for Capsho Club or Capsho NextGen?
You are signing up to Capsho Club 😄. Capsho Club is a monthly membership that includes access to the Capsho NextGen. Along with the software (Capsho NextGen) you will get access to the strategy and support to successfully get client from your content. 
I've tried ChatGPT and other AI tools. How is Capsho NextGen different?
Capsho NextGen has marketing strategy built into it AND is designed to leverage your content. So it doesn't just create generic social media captions. You will get personalized outputs that are based on a proven social media strategy. 
And the best thing? It continually learns and applies your tone of voice & writing style!
Has Capsho NextGen launched yet?
Nope! We're in Beta - so we've got all the currently-ugly-but-a-massive glow-up-is-coming vibes (hence the basement-level price for those of you who can see the vision 😉) 
But we are launching very (VERY) soon with an incredible set of features which will come with a higher price so now is the time to get in! 
What social media content does Capsho create?
Capsho NextGen currently creates strategic Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn captions. It will soon create video clips! 😉
Why is Capsho Club so cheap?
We love our early adopters and want to make this a no-brainer offer for our Founding Member community in gratitude for their support. This is also why we have a hard limit for Capsho Club at this price.
What will the future price of Capsho Club be?
Capsho Club will be priced at $497 / month. So get in now! 😉
Why will the future price of Capsho be $497 / month?
Right now Capsho Club has in-depth resources that will help you grow on social media but very soon, you will also get the strategy and software assets to get clients from YouTube and Blogging. 
I'm already using Capsho. Can I still get in on Capsho Club? 
Absolutely! Capsho NextGen is a completely different (and better 🤭!) platform. For now, current Capshovians who sign up for Capsho Club will get continued access to the current version of Capsho AND Capsho NextGen. 
Do I have to pay for 2 subscriptions? For current Capsho and Capsho NextGen?
Nope! Current Capshovians will be able to access both for the Founding Member price of $99 / month! The Capsho team will be in touch via email to explain your personal transition plan 🤗
Ready to start getting more clients from your content?
Join as a Founding Member at the Special Price of Just $497 $99 / month. Cancel Anytime.